Men’s & Women’s Meetings

Advance: Men’s Meetings

Band together to win the day

All men deal with powerful thoughts and emotions that can cause us to blink, sink or shrink back from the important work God has given us to do. This semester the men of Church in the Valley are going to band together to win the day through God’s direction and power. Join us!

Wednesdays at 7:15pm (6:15 BBQ on September 20)

At the Church in the Valley Office
4590 Riverside Drive #A, Chino

9/20 ANGER (Join us for a Kick-Off BBQ at 6:15pm)
10/18 STRESS

Journey: Women’s Meetings

Pursuing God together

Join us this fall as we pursue God in our Journey together… discovering the detours in life that take us off track in our relationships—and the destinations that reveal God’s best for us. Journey will be an opportunity to connect with other women, build friendships, and gain a Biblical perspective along the way.

Wednesdays at 7:15pm

At the Church in the Valley Office
4590 Riverside Drive #A, Chino

9/27 Introduction to Journey
10/11 Journey from Fear to Faith
 10/25 Journey from Comparison to Contentment
11/8 Journey from Self-Condemnation to Freedom
11/29 Journey from Frustration to Self-Control
12/13 Journey to Bethlehem: Women’s Ornament Exchange